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For him

Those who walk before us  light our way…show the way to those who follow.


Christmas 2012

I worked through Christmas this year, like I had any choice, and it wasn’t nearly as bad as years gone by.  Something strange happened this year…stock wasn’t a real problem, most of the people who wanted to get a Apple TV got them. It seemed that whatever was big this year wasn’t to big for us, we just had it.

Things never got crazy until Christmas Eve, normally I close but this year my assistant decided that I didn’t need to close the department which was nice but really threw me off. I like closing on Christmas Eve, only the real crazies show up, besides we closed at 6:30 plenty of time to get home before my boys show up. I spent Christmas day doing something that I have come to enjoy, I went to a movie, this year I had some friends join me. Frankly when you only have one day off for Christmas it really is nice just to relax and do something for yourself, therefore my day a movie.

Ya new laptop

I needed to get a new laptop, my old one died on the day we left for the National Championship in Hamilton. I was going to wait but last weekend I got a steal of a deal at work. A HP envy 14″ and man I thought I liked my Sony before this one, it was a 13″ and I was always looking for the keys and not having my fingers in the correct places, not to mention that the graphics on the new one are bitchin’. I can actually touch type at a descent pace so I might just write a bit more.  Started a new page about Hilltops football, should have done it two years ago. well I will use it to post about our run and attempt to three peat.

How do you know if your ready to start a new relationship. or if your asking this question should not the answer be self evident. I have been single for just over 3 year but really I haven’t been alone at all in that time. The last year has been some thing of a gone show as I have been friendly with a couple of ladies, something that has never happened to me before, seeing two at the same time that is. I was very clear to both that I didn’t want a relationship and that things could end at any time, one has been somewhat OK with this the other just dropped the, it’s been a year now I want more. I’m thinking about it, but I think I know the answer already….I’m not ready yet.