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I need to do this

I have been thinking about traveling for the last couple of months and I have two weeks of holidays starting in less than a week. I haven’t finalized any plans but I really have to do this and go, no matter that I will be going by myself. I just need to do this, hopefully I will post from where ever I end up.


This is one of those things that I never thought I’d do, because I just never had the inclination to go to one of those sports dinners. So there I am at the Hilltops clubhouse and the question is asked, “Does anyone want to go to the Sports Celebrity Dinner? Wayne Gretzky is the guest speaker…and the tickets are $300.  Well I’ll pass cause I don’t want to sit and listen to Wayne for $300, even if the club is paying 1/2 the price of the ticket. But you know how things go and I end up there anyways so here I am waiting to see Wayne get piped in by the best pipe player in Saskatchewan and  hmm there is no Wayne. Well I guess they wanted to make it more special so they have him announced and led in by none other than the Prime Minister, well gees the night just got a little more interesting. Now they are going to have a question and answer period with Stephen Haper and Wayne Gretzky and the Prime Minister is the question asker. Well a couple of questions go by and then Wayne says well I thought that it would be great if I had the greatest player of all time come and join us. Well if you were my  little sister this won’t be a big deal to you since she was used to seeing him  when she’d go and visit her friend, but there he was Wayne Gretzky’s idol and the most important hockey personality to come from Saskatchewan Gordie Howe and now he’s sitting down with the other two, Wayne and Stephen, and they continue the question and answer period. All in all it was a good evening and Wayne was the focal point of the night, but truth be told he is not a great speaker so the night was stolen by Kelly Chase and his blue humor at the expense of his friend, at least I hope they are friends cause otherwise ouch, Wayne Gretzky. I guess that this is just another in a long line of things that I thought I’d never do…kinda glad I did though.

Another year of retail.

It doesn’t seem like it, but I mostly count my year from the time I do inventory at the store to the next time I do inventory. Christmas falls somewhere in between and the dates of inventory change from year to year. I must say for my first year back in my old store things went relatively well, that is to say I didn’t kill any customers, nor did I truly want to. People need to know a few things though about Christmas shopping and I think I will point them out, granted they are not obvious but come on.

1 It’s not the employee’s fault that we sold out of a item, either you came to late in the day or the company didn’t buy enough. If there is more to get we will try and get some more it’s Christmas try and be a little happier.

2 Presently we don’t sell Wii’s  and frankly trying to buy one two days before Christmas….come on.

3 I don’t control Apple’s  production line. Trust me even though I don’t make any money selling Apple computers, if I could have gotten you a 27″ so that your Christmas wasn’t ruined  I would have. Same thing applies to the Magic Mouse, don’t look at me like I have two heads when I tell you I haven’t seen more than one, why would I lie I don’t know you and if I did again why would I lie.

4 On Christmas eve you should not be shopping for gifts five minutes before the store closes. If you haven’t got all your presents before the nice lady comes over the intercom to announce that we will be closing in 15 mins. your screwed go home.  Some of the staff have families and would like to go and spend what little time we get at Christmas with them.

So now that inventory is done I can start a new year and get ready to do it all over again, but I think first I will take a vacation and forget about this Christmas and inventory it will make doing it next year so much easier.

It is what it is.

I knew long ago that it is what it is, but for so long I tried to hold on and pretend that things were going to go the way I wanted  them to. I should have learned from my own experiences that you can’t change that which  doesn’t want to change. Change is scary because it is different from what we are used to, taking that step towards the unknown can prove to be to daunting for some. Fortunately for me I was able to make that first step towards the unknown and get past the fear of what if, really I should be used to it by now since I have done it more than once. There are worse things than the unknown, and sometimes the unknown can be a wonderful thing.

Hot breath in my face

Eyes, love looking back

Never changing, always happy

It’s November 18th and there is still no snow on the ground, which really isn’t a big deal to me, I don’t ski and haven’t been snowboarding since Nathan was in grade 8. (For those who don’t know he’s in university now). I was driving home the other day and after seeing my third motorcycle I realized that it is the third week in November and people can still ride. Now you might be reading this and wondering what the hell does this have to do with the fact that a) I still hate money and b) I wish I had some. Well if you know me which most of you don’t ( all three of you) you’d know that I really want a motorcycle, I had one given to me but it was in horrible shape and I never did get it going. The fact that there where people riding this late in the year just brought that desperation and longing back to the forefront  again and if I had money I would surely have one by now. Maybe one of these days I will get my bike and then I can stop wishing I had one and move on to other things, but for now I will curse money and long to have more.

I was a great husband and a pretty good Dad too, in my opinion. I know there are others out there who might not feel the same way, and they are entitled to their opinion, but since this is my blog I can say what I like. I had a hand in raising my sons up to being pretty special young men and am quite proud of the way they are turning out. As far as the husband thing went I think I did a good job of it while I was one. I’ve talked to friends and am amazed that some of their wives are still out of jail, or maybe I just did more than I needed to, hard to say.

Here we go again.

It’s time once again for the season of Joy and Love to begin at work. By this I mean that Christmas season is once again upon us. For those of us in the retail business the holidays are both a blessing and a curse at the same time. We enjoy the increased business and the general feel of  accomplishment in getting through a hectic time to come out on the other side looking forward to a well deserved rest. On the flip side of that coin is the craziness and frustration that comes from people leaving their shopping to late or blaming us if what they want they can not have. Too little time and not enough for thought is enough to get on any buddies nerves, while we never seem to have the time to do our own shopping. We will get through it though and on the big day everything will be as it should be and happiness will rule the day.

I made my point

I my last post I complained about bad service, I referenced the bar that I frequent on Fridays for my week end libations. Well I was back there on Friday and I believe I made my point. The waitress was pleasant and attentive which made our visit and in doing so earned herself a $20 tip, thus reaffirming my faith in good service good tip.

OMG Bad Service

In a industry that makes it living in tips I can’t believe the bad service I have had over the last two weeks in bars. Now I wouldn’t say anything if I wasn’t talking from experience but I spent my time in the food and beverage industry as a waiter and a bartender so I speak from a bit of past knowledge. What the fuck, are they hiring mentally challanged waitresses these day or what? You know the ‘mentally handicapped’ take more pride in what they do, than the servers I have had over the past while. It’s a hard job and it’s not for everyone, if you can’t do it be true to yourself and get the hell out. There are other jobs and there are people who can get me my beer before my mouth is so dry that I could light a match on my tongue, just by touching it. We as a group regularly go out for drinks on Fridays, I collect the money and pay the bill. I am quite generous in the tip, because:

1 I was in the business

2 I tip well for good service, I know where they make there money

I was in a bar where I regularly have the waitress say to me ” Are you sure you want to leave this as a tip?” where I left only 3 dollars on a 100 dollar tab. This night when I was out I honestly thought of leaving asking for 20 cents back on a $3.75 beer, and I only gave the waitress $4.00, but I am much to mellow for that….well unless this continues then watch out.