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The Walking Dead is alive and kicking The Walking Dead is alive and kicking

Apologies for all my daily followers for being missing in action the last couple of days. I’ve been out of town and haven’t had the time to sit down and add anything to the site. I finally do have the time tonight, however, and I’m really excited to get into this one. I’ve been excited about writing this review since I’ve had the material, and now I finally get to share it with everyone. That is, of course, my review for Season Four of The Walking Dead.

I have a confession to make. At the conclusion of Season Three of The Walking Dead, I wasn’t too excited about starting Season Four. Admittedly, I felt like the series was beginning to stagnate somewhat. The Season Three finale left us sort of exactly where the Season Three premiere had started. It seemed as…

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Along time coming

I take a long time between posts, sometimes and when i posted last things were quite different. So much changed from the first of March til the 17th. Thank goodness I talked to Allison, who knew she could be so right.

Moving on

I’ve been stuck in a rut as of late, it’s sort of a relationship rut. Kind of surprising since I’m not dating anyone at the moment, but I have been having casual encounters with two women.  Either would make a fine companion for different reasons, probably why I spend time with them at all, but there is something that is holding me back. It’s time to move on, I need to wipe the slate clean, if I find my way back to one of my casual encounters I will see if it can become more. Right now though I need to clear my head and my heart, find my center once again, then go forward, where ever that takes me.

For him

Those who walk before us  light our way…show the way to those who follow.

Christmas 2012

I worked through Christmas this year, like I had any choice, and it wasn’t nearly as bad as years gone by.  Something strange happened this year…stock wasn’t a real problem, most of the people who wanted to get a Apple TV got them. It seemed that whatever was big this year wasn’t to big for us, we just had it.

Things never got crazy until Christmas Eve, normally I close but this year my assistant decided that I didn’t need to close the department which was nice but really threw me off. I like closing on Christmas Eve, only the real crazies show up, besides we closed at 6:30 plenty of time to get home before my boys show up. I spent Christmas day doing something that I have come to enjoy, I went to a movie, this year I had some friends join me. Frankly when you only have one day off for Christmas it really is nice just to relax and do something for yourself, therefore my day a movie.

Ya new laptop

I needed to get a new laptop, my old one died on the day we left for the National Championship in Hamilton. I was going to wait but last weekend I got a steal of a deal at work. A HP envy 14″ and man I thought I liked my Sony before this one, it was a 13″ and I was always looking for the keys and not having my fingers in the correct places, not to mention that the graphics on the new one are bitchin’. I can actually touch type at a descent pace so I might just write a bit more.  Started a new page about Hilltops football, should have done it two years ago. well I will use it to post about our run and attempt to three peat.

How do you know if your ready to start a new relationship. or if your asking this question should not the answer be self evident. I have been single for just over 3 year but really I haven’t been alone at all in that time. The last year has been some thing of a gone show as I have been friendly with a couple of ladies, something that has never happened to me before, seeing two at the same time that is. I was very clear to both that I didn’t want a relationship and that things could end at any time, one has been somewhat OK with this the other just dropped the, it’s been a year now I want more. I’m thinking about it, but I think I know the answer already….I’m not ready yet.

Holiday’s Part 1

So this is the first time in forever I am off for three weeks of holidays, IN A ROW. Week one consists of spending some time with Carlyle golfing and we are off to Kananaskis today and then maybe one of the courses in Calgary. Week two is Fishing with Canute at Lake Besnard, the whole week just fishing and no Internet or phones, can’t wait. Week three is a mixed bag of the Saskatoon Jazz Festival and working for the Hilltops during the Canada Day Celebration at Diefenbaker Park.

Once again

It has been awhile once again since I have put anything onto my blog. This doesn’t mean that I have not had anything to ramble about, just that I have been kinda busy (and very lazy). Life continues, as you can tell since I am writing this. Many things have happened and many more are going to happen.

Work continues to hold my interest, but at this time football is demanding more attention, which is a good thing. My junior team of which I am the manager is the Saskatoon Hilltops and we are making a run at being the Canadian National Champions, one more win and we host the final here in Saskatoon. This year has been a lot more work than I thought it was going to be, but also a lot of fun. I just hope the boys can finish the year off the way we all want to. It’s hard enough saying good bye to the 5th year players, saying good bye with a Championship would make things a bit easier.

The reason I decided to to write tonight is that I went for dinner with a  friend from high school, we haven’t talked in a couple of years as we have been living in different cities. It is always a good time when we do get together and we seem to fall back into the old rhythm that we had back in the day. Hopefully a little wiser since we are a little older, but pretty much back to the days when we would talk on the phone for hours listening to music. There are people in your life that just should be in your life and she is one of them. We have been friends for 27 years and probably over that time only seen each other less than 10 times, but each time it seems like we were talking just the other day. During our conversation she said something to me that I hope will stick with me for a long time, it was a question put to her for which she is still searching for a answer.

“What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?”

I did it! I went to Las Vegas with a friend from work for six days. While it was not exactly the vacation I would have planned I got out of the country and relaxed, which was the intent. Even though this was not the correct place to go with my friend, I am a party person and Vegas is a PARTY town, my friend is not. It was a good thing that I knew this going in otherwise my first vacation would not have been so good. I can hardly wait until next year, I think that somewhere warm is  in the cards.